Horsin' Around

Can you make an ascii image of it and post it in the channel? Once the lines start rolling in, and he sees the horse, it'll be too late.


Alas poor Yorick!
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From a mafia channel
11:53Layell: yo Lonelyness
11:53Layell:we have a majority
11:57Layell:should I post deadline Lonelyness?
11:58LonelyNess:I FUCKING HATE
11:58LonelyNess:THIS MEME
11:58Layell:are you gonna complain about it until your voice becomes horse?


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Sep 14 23:29:18 <@cookie> ok
Sep 14 23:29:20 <@cookie> let's settle this
Sep 14 23:29:21 <@cookie> http://circumcision-poll.appspot.com/
Sep 14 23:29:28 <@THE_IRON_KENYAN> cookie
Sep 14 23:29:30 <&LonelyNess> UGH
Sep 14 23:29:32 <@THE_IRON_KENYAN> make an a forum thread
Sep 14 23:29:33 <&LonelyNess> COOKIE YOU AREN'T EVEN
Sep 14 23:29:33 <&LonelyNess> INVOLVED
Sep 14 23:29:35 <&LonelyNess> IN THAT JOKE
Sep 14 23:29:36 <&LonelyNess> GOD
Sep 14 23:29:42 <&LonelyNess> WHY ARE YOU DOING IT NOW
Sep 14 23:29:49 <&faint> G fucking G

Sep 22 21:12:02 <&LonelyNess> <cookie> "1 LN pimple for each post i have"
Sep 22 21:12:04 <&LonelyNess> >_>
Sep 22 21:12:33 <cookie> sorry man i feel like missed out on these ln jokes
Sep 22 21:12:52 <@chaos> whats an ln pimple
Sep 22 21:13:38 <cookie> ln(pimple)=?
Sep 22 21:14:03 <&LonelyNess> cookie i've been here for like 8 years
Sep 22 21:14:08 <@chaos> top search for ln pimple: http://i.imgur.com/pcfkVCE.jpg
Sep 22 21:14:08 <&LonelyNess> p. sure you've had plenty of opportunity
Sep 22 21:14:12 <&LonelyNess> to make pimple jokes
Sep 22 21:14:14 <cookie> nah
Sep 22 21:14:28 <&LonelyNess> ugh fuck you chaos
Sep 22 21:14:28 <&LonelyNess> -_-

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